Next Meeting Wednesday January 3, 2018

7:00PM GANDL Corporation

700 W. Lima ST.  Kenton



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. The club is getting off to a very good start this year. We have 21 members on this yearís roster which is very strong compared to the rest of the state or even the rest of the Federation. We dropped 2 good members in Kelly Dearwester and Mike Dear. We hope that they may rejoin at sometime in the future. We gained 2 new members in Nathan Aguinaga and Nathan Plaugher. We look forward to them participating in the club.

The 2018 Trophy Open tournament is progressing well. The sponsors have been secured once again. Lakeside RV Park, The Plaza Inn, Knox Marine, and Nelson Auto Group have sent monetary donations again this year while Ollies Lawn Service, Missing Hill Resort (Chris Swygartís resort in Kentucky), and GANDL Corporation (formerly DataBit Solutions) have also pledged their support. The 1st mailing of entry forms, which is sent out to all those that participated in 2017, will be sent out right after the 1st of the year. The 2nd mailing, which is all those that participated in 2014, 2015, and 2016, will go out 2 weeks later. The entries will also be made available to the public at the 2 week mark. We will post on several forms of multimedia as well as distribute paper entries to marinas and bait shops around the area. We are still thinking about something special for this open tournament as it is the 40th in a row and is one of the longest running if not the longest running open tournament in the state. If you have any suggestions please bring it up at the meeting. The 1st one was in 1979 at the campground ramp where it was held for several years before being moved over to the Moundwood ramp where it is currently. The open tournament chairman for the 1st open and for many years after was Paul Pemberton. Paulís hard work and attention to detail is what helped Trophy Bassmasters build what was regarded as the best open tournament in the state. In the early years we had a limit of 100 boats and then 120 boats. We would routinely have 75 or more boats by the February meeting.

We will be working on at least 2 separate issues at the January meeting. The first is the tournament calendar. This is not for the actual lakes yet but just a calendar which we will try and determine what dates are available to hold club tournaments. Lake suggestions will certainly be welcomed though. The 2nd project concerns our club scales. After several attempts to contact Equalizer, which is the company that makes and services our 2 sets of scales, it is clear that we will likely need to pursue something else. The company canít be reached as the owner has passed and the family is trying to resolve all the issues associated with that. Their recording says they will reopen but research on several websites indicates that may not happen for a long time or not at all. So we may well need to secure another set of scales. We have found a company that looks very promising. Pro Tournament Scales manufactures a Model 357 scales that should fit our needs. There are several different price points for this scales depending on what options are included. The cheapest we could get started would be $450.00 for just the scales. Check out their product line at this website and be ready to discuss and make a decision on the scales at the January meeting. See you on the 3rd.



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